It’s been a long time since I’ve actually written anything on here, and I offer no apologies. However, I offer onto you this.

I can’t just let anything be easy and let myself be pursued, mostly because I don’t actually like being really pursued, being the aggressive person that I am, and secondly because it freaks me out when people like me too much. I’m sure that implies some weird nonsense about how I have commitment issues or something, but really it comes down to I want the people I like to like me too much and everyone else to leave me alone. Such is life.

I miss my college friends and I miss my Duke friends and I miss my GHP friends and if I wouldn’t sort of hate myself for it, I’d quote Catcher in the Rye right now and you know exactly which line I mean because you’re a hip asshole too.

College essays have made my attention span go out the window and it seems as if the entire process is a cluster fuck of lying about personal experiences and embellishing everything you’ve ever done. I’ve opted to write my essays on things that aren’t particularly personal; I don’t like to write about myself in regards to what their prompts are and I don’t think any personal experiences that I’ve had have been particularly unique. I’m an upper-middle class white girl who lives in the suburbs. I used to go to Christian school, now I don’t. I have great musical taste and if you disagree, you’re just wrong. I lost my friends, I made some better ones. I lost my religion. I work on campaigns, I work for lawyers. I play the cello, I read books, I ride my bike. Maybe I loved a guy once. I went to a smart kid camp and it was the best thing I’d ever done, so I went to another one. and another. I run some clubs, all to do with music or writing or talking loudly about politics, mostly the latter. I’m good at being in charge of things. All of this is to say that I go to school, I’m good at it, and I’d like to keep it up, so please let me in?

Instead I’m writing about politics and books and things I care about and hoping indirect characterization will sway them into thinking that I’m as great as I think I am.

In a vaguely similar vein, the Republican candidate field is garbage with the exception of John Huntsman, but I can nearly guarantee that he won’t be their final nomination. It isn’t that Obama is very good, it’s just that the other options are so very bad. It’s getting harder to find common ground between the parties and here’s why: Who votes in primaries? Hardcore party members. Who appeals to them? Extremists. The far end of each spectrum wins, and then spends the rest of the election year trying to tone his or herself down enough to appeal to the middle and get elected. This election cycle is already frustrating and ridiculous and man, fuck the electoral college.

I spent all weekend at a book festival soaking in an air of pretentious intellectualism and a whole lot of knowledge and meeting interesting people rather than working and I regret nothing. My father is home, my bed is warm, and my internet is fast. 3 cheers for labor unions, aces to you all.

Is there a job that consists of traveling, writing, talking to new people and getting inside their heads, reading, talking about politics, and listening to music?  I’m just going to write enough books to become a guest on news shows then retire to Latin America and take advantage of the political climate, like a good American. 

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