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John Green's tumblr: What the Death of the Canadian Penny Says about the U.S.


“Canada is scrapping the penny, ending production of the country’s smallest unit of currency this spring.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, whose department described the penny as a “nuisance” in budget documents, said the coin is now more trouble than it’s worth.

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Dubious PR rebranding campaign of the day: "Ethical oil." You know, oil. That's ethical. Ethical oil.

Cause like, if we add ethical to the title, it makes everything fine.

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"The United States government does have a plan to invade Canada. It’s a 94-page document called “Joint Army and Navy Basic War Plan — Red,” with the word SECRET stamped on the cover. It’s a bold plan, a bodacious plan, a step-by-step plan to invade, seize and annex our neighbor to the north."


Ah, the good old days when the Army actually had plans for stuff… Raiding the Icebox (via warfarenos)

hahaha oh the good ol days of american imperialism

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Source: Washington Post