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there are a bunch of anti abortion protesters at school today with enormous gory displays of bloody bullshit and other signs in the same vein talking about murdering babies and all that crap and it is making me so mad for a lot of reasons (although now it is raining on them so at least nature is not approving of their fuckery), mainly: 

1. that info is wrong & the pictures are wildly inaccurate. way to exploit your own cause to try and scare and bully people into it

2. don’t tell women/other women what to do with their bodies. that’s really shitty. my life is worth more to me than a clump of cells in my body’s potential for life. fuck right off with that.

3. heckling people who want to have abortions does nothing but make what is probably a bad, difficult situation that much worse. they aren’t getting one just for kicks goddammit

4. taking away the right to have an abortion kills women, end of story. do what you want, but stop trying to limit my ability to do the same

in conclusion, stop yelling at me on Skiles and go home. if your cause inolves you being hateful and graphic, protip it’s probably a shitty cause. way to make a male dominated campus that much more hostile to women.

STFU, Conservatives: “Women as Livestock” Bill passes in Georgia



After an emotional 14-hour workday that included fist-fights between lobbyists and a walk-out by women Democrats, the Georgia House passed a Senate-approved bill Thursday night that criminalizes abortion after 20 weeks.

The bill, which does not contain…


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ShortFormBlog: Judge says anti-Planned Parenthood law is unconstitutional


oh, so you can’t arbitrarily take women’s rights away from them? huh.

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Abortion bill caps off busy session for Georgia legislature


Stop passing awful, shitty laws, Georgia! We just banned abortions after 20 weeks. An exception is granted for fetuses with fatal defects, but the law requires the abortion to be carried out in a way that “brings the fetus out alive”, so it can be born and then die, I guess.

“Last night was a setback for Georgia women and a failure of our government, and it proves that we have a lot of work to do,”

We also passed a bill similar to Florida’s unconstitutional law requiring welfare recipients to pass drug tests. And one banning assisted suicide. And one allowing Ten Commandments displays in government buildings and schools. Read about those here.

Oh, and guess who’s speaking at UGA’s graduation this year? Governor Nathan Deal. FUCK YOUUU.

Georgia, STOP

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Part 1 Gifset of Guttmacher Institute’sAbortion in the United Sates

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And in other big news, Mississippi decided in a referendum of its own that a fertilized egg is not a person. A major victory for the pro-choice movement.



And in other big news, Mississippi decided in a referendum of its own that a fertilized egg is not a person. A major victory for the pro-choice movement.


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I believe that anyone who says sex is overrated just hasn’t done it properly. I believe that anyone who claims to know what’s going on will lie about the little things too.
I believe in absolute honesty and sensible social lies. I believe in a woman’s right to choose, a baby’s right to live, that while all human life is sacred there’s nothing wrong with the death penalty if you can trust the legal system implicitly, and that no one but a moron would ever trust the legal system.

I believe that life is a game, that life is a cruel joke, and that life is what happens when you’re alive and that you might as well lie back and enjoy it.


- Neil Gaiman, American Gods (via praavda)
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"I appreciate that Ms. Tantaros wants us all to get laid more often. I am 100% behind the “get laid more often” plan, and if Fox News is on board, then hey. But Tantaros seems to be under the impression that women having sex for pleasure means we get laid less often (or at least less well), which is confusing. Because if feminists aren’t having sex, how are we able to get pregnant in order to have ALL of the abortions? And who does she think makes up the ranks of lesbians who are in the slow and steady process of ruining both marriage and America? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Throw a girl a bone here."


Jill at Feministe

I didn’t watch the video because I don’t feel like getting angry right now, but I always appreciate some good feminist snark.

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All the abortions.

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ALL the abortions, aha. good feminist snark

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Vatican offers forgiveness for abortions...for six days only!


Yeah, a diamond-studded tour of Spain would put us in a pretty accommodating mood, too.

what the fuck. whaaaaaat the fuck

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Of course, “hers” refers to all people who need or want access to abortion care.


Of course, “hers” refers to all people who need or want access to abortion care.

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I’m pretty annoyed that I even need to address this but here we go none the less. Most of these political rants are rage fueled anyways.

Here’s news guys: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD. 

Fuck your conspiracies. Fuck. that.

His own wife identified him, his sister’s DNA matched, and for fuck’s sake we know what he looks like. We knew before we shot him!

Posting pictures around is akin to waving his head on a stick. We do it, we face massive consequences, endangering both citizens and soldiers. That would be a very poor choice. Beyond that, it would be entirely tasteless and if nothing else, Obama has class. His decision not to release photos has nothing to do with if they exist or if they’re doctored. It just comes down to tasteful appropriateness. 

I am fully aware that you can’t trust your government, but DAMN, it’s pretty hard for DNA to lie. 

In other badnews, HR 3 passed, barring taxpayer money from funding abortions. OH WAIT THAT WAS ALREADY A LAW let’s just keep throwing this shit into the media spotlight.  We also failed to al-Awlaki in a drone strike today, which would have been a hella nice week for the US of A.



To wrap up legislating morality-

It doesn’t just pertain to abortion. It also applies to gay marriage, drug laws, etc. If you are against them don’t use/get them, but leave it to each to make his own decision. Until legitimate research appears proving that gay marriage and weed are going to tear this country apart, I say we stay out of it.

We had a Tea Party speaker come to Democrats today. It was certainly..interesting. He gave us a history lecture for the better part of an hour, wrote on the whiteboard a lot, and more or less admitted that their strategy consists of buying votes.  When questioned on defense spending, he kept talking about cutting offensive spending but keeping defense, as if they were separately funded and are mutually exclusive departments. For the most part, he just seemed like a hardcore libertarian, a fairly rational guy. Turns out, he saved all of his crazy up for the end, when he began to talk about being a birther and how he believes that Obama is either stupid or purposely working to destroy the country to discredit the democratic party. End with a bang, they always say.  Oh, Tea Party…everything is prettier on paper.


Over the past few months, the GOP has been fervently claiming to be against government intervention while attempting to push through some of the most invasive legislation I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing, particularly in regard to abortion. From the new South Dakota bill requiring a 3 day wait period before an abortion to the bill redefining rape, the GOP is shoving its nose into one of the most personal situations known to man, and then claiming to be against government intervention and pro-privacy. Let me make this very clear: you can’t support these bills AND be against government interference into everyday life.

What this boils down to is an attempt to legislate morality. We don’t force moral paradigms onto the people of a democracy because to be a functioning democracy, you have to accept that each man is a soverign when it comes to his own morality. There are certain laws in place to maintain the general welfare, certainly, but for the most part we leave each to his own. It’s fortunate that this is the case, because history shows us that attempts to legislate morality inevitably fail. 

For a recent example, look at Prohibition. Not only did the ban on alcohol fail utterly, as we saw speakeasies jump up all over the nation, but it opened the door wide open for the mob to gain a considerable foothold in America and start a thriving business as bootleggers and bullies.

Legislating morality doesn’t work, and furthermore, the attempts to do so are disgusting. It really bothers me that our own legislators don’t seem to understand or accept that their constituents are capable of living by their own moral codes, and don’t need or want the government to meddle in something as personal as the choice of wether or not to have an abortion. GOP: back off my body. 


As Georgia’s House minority leader, Abrams is one of the few things standing between the women of Georgia and some of the strangest and most awful antiabortion laws we’ve ever seen. Happily, she’s also “the smartest person in the Georgia legislature,” according to Leola Reis, vice president for external affairs at Planned Parenthood Southeast in Atlanta. Since she’s been in office, she’s been quick and vocal in explaining how a string of proposed abortion restrictions would affect women.

Abrams has her hands full. Especially today, which is “crossover day,” the last day a bill can move from either the Georgia House or Senate into the other chamber. From the way Georgia political veterans tell it, anything can happen. I believe them.

After all, the state has already brought us a bill that would allow women who miscarry to be prosecuted. Under that gem, sponsored by Rev. Bobby Franklin, women who have miscarriages and are unable to prove there was no “human involvement” could face felony charges and life in prison.

The only comfort I have in thinking about this ridiculous provision is that, were it to ever become law, I’m pretty sure the woman I know who has experienced nine miscarriages—each more devastating than the one before it—would personally track down Franklin and shred him.



Georgia Bill Would Allow Wrongful Death Suits on Behalf of Fetuses | Sharon Lerner, The Nation

This is a war on women. There is absolutely no other way to put it. It is blatantly unmistakable now.

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Living in Georgia, just one legislative, GOP run thrill ride after another

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