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I’ve made so many good foods this semester. It was my main way of de-stressing while taking 18 hours, being active in the fraternity, and doing research.

things I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I made:

  • a pot roast! I used a foodwishes recipe and made a fucking delicious pot roast, would recommend. We ate on it for like a week. 
  • thanksgiving for my family- this included gouda bacon spinach mac and cheese, sausage fennel stuffing, roasted veggies, a shepherd’s pie, and a tangerine/jalepeno salad that was amazing
  • a bitchin breakfast casserole this morning because I found out I got into grad school
  • homemade eggnog! a liter of brandy, separate like 15 fucking eggs, add a ton of heavy cream and spices and BOOM delicious eggnog
  • a bacon cheddar cheese ball, so fancy
  • for jordan’s mom’s birthday, an imitation of taqueria del sol’s chowder which is amazing and turned out super close to the original! lots of chile de arbol and lobster base
  • baked so many brussel sprouts this semester- a little bit of balsalmic, salt and pepper, quartered in some olive oil, 350 until browned-ish
  • jalepeno bacon mac and cheese holy god 10/10 would recommend 

fuck I love to cook

cooking journal~

so across the top from left to right is everything you need to make a delicious meal. start with a huge onion and 2 or 3 bell peppers, cut into strips. cook some sausage and then cook some chicken in the sausage’s grease. remove the meats to a plate and throw in the bell peppers and onions into the same pot, and add some olive oil because there probably isn’t quite enough oil left in the pot. when they start looking soft and sort of translucent like the right-most picture, pour in a cup or so of chicken broth- not enough to cover them, but enough that you can see the liquid. you don’t want to boil the veggies in it really, just get it to a simmer and let the liquid reduce. when the veggies look done and the liquid level is where you want it, throw the meat back in to heat it up. I served it with pasta, which was okay because the liquid made a good sauce but it was pretty runny and left all that awesome smelling soup at the bottom of the bowl, so I would do it again with quinoa or another grain that’ll soak it up. easy cheap delicious, we ate it for like 3 days with no complaints.

my dad brought back like 3 pounds of sour cherries from california and gave me a bunch, so I made a cobbler in my cast iron skillet. I mixed the batter (really easy- flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, regular sugar, pretty much it) in the skillet, made the filling (also easy- cherries, corn starch, water, some sugar) after pitting like 8 cups of cherries with a fucking straw because we don’t have a cherry pitter and staining my hands red for 2 days, and dumped the filling over the batter which I know is not the traditional order but I had already made the batter in the pan so whatever, it was delicious and pretty.

other things i’ve made lately:

coconut milk curry- it didn’t turn out like I wanted it to at all, but it wasn’t bad tasting. I think I put in too much liquid and should have toasted the spices in some ghee first. it had a lot of veggies and chicken, but when I stirred in some quinoa to soak up some of the liquid it looked super gross. going to try it again and see if it comes out better.

baked chicken parm- HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO EASY AND GOOD. take chicken breasts, beat an egg and dunk them in it, get a nice coating. mix equal parts crumbled parmesan and seasoned (salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika, whatever) bread crumbs (panko is crunchier but both work), coat the chicken breasts really well in those. stick them in the oven at 450 for 20 m, flip them, put back in for 5. while those are cooking, heat up some marinara sauce. you can totally use jarred, but I had some on the stove already because of the next food I’ll talk about. take them out, spread some on, put on some mozz or whatever cheese you want, stick them back in until it’s bubbly and you’re done. it’s super delicious, WAY easier than frying them, and better for you than frying. I also used enourmous chicken breasts so mine were perfectly cooked but adjust the baking time for the size of yours.

so I made that marinara sauce for the zucchini lasagna I’m making tonight, which is just normal lasagna but instead of pasta, you use grilled zucchini slices (grilled because I did it before with raw that I had pressed, but they still had tons of water in them and it was pretty liquidy). p excited about it.

i also made a cottage pie! it was so fucking good. it’s just a shepherd’s pie but with ground beef instead of ground lamb. so you cook some beef and carrots and peas and corn and onions and whatever you want, diced into little pieces and put them on the bottom of a casserole dish. then you boil some potatoes, mash them up, add butter and cheese and salt and pepper and all that, set aside some for your sick friend, and layer them on top of the other stuff in the dish. put some cheese on top, bake it for a little bit, and eat. super filling and delicious.

also been getting back to my vegetarian days with stir frys. we bought a stupidly large bag of frozen veggies at costco, so we’ve been throwing them the wok with some sesame oil and some soy and ungodly amounts of sriracha when we’re hungry and it’s late or when we just don’t have a ton of time for dinner and eating it with quinoa. stir fry is the best lazy fast food.


made a beer and bacon mac and cheese because we had bacon left over from a big breakfast. I used Sierra Nevada’s Kellerwise, which turned out to be a good choice because the Heff flavor was subtle and blended really well but gave the mac and cheese a super heady beer aroma. Combined with a sharp cheddar and good bacon, the flavor was super good and it was nice and gooey and delicious.

today boyfriend helped me make baked chimichangas which were not as crispy and good as regular fried chimichangas because, you know,frying things in oil and salt makes them taste better, but were still super good. just cooked some chicken, cubed it, and mixed it with some cream cheese, pepper jack, and salsa. then cooked some black beans with onion and bellpepper, threw it all into tortillas and wrapped them up, baked at 350 for like 20 min and topped with guac. they were best eaten with a fork and knife but were crispy and really, anything with that much cheese is going to be okay.

last week I made a spanish garlic soup which turned out okay, but not great. I think I needed more chicken broth and some chorizo rather than ham. it was still pretty good, not a bad meal for a night you want something not too heavy but still filling. it’s made from a lot of garlic sauteed for a bit in some olive oil with a lot of paprika (main spice of dish) and then you put in a bunch of toasted bread and chicken broth and some spices but I ran out of chicken broth and needed to use some water to cover the bread but didn’t wait for it to reduce so the flavor was a little lacking. better planning and more time on the stove next time. you also poach an egg on top of the soup for each bowl and that part looks great and is hella tasty with all that paprika garlic oil.


as I do periodically

the top is just an awesome mocha they made me at West Egg which is the greatest brunch place with the best name ever. tops.

middle row is 1. the chicken with some celery and onions that I roasted in that pot so I could make chicken stock 2. chicken stock in the 3 hour making process, just simmering along making my house smell fucking magnificent and 3. finished product chicken noodle soup, or what’s left of it after boyfriend and I feasted on that and homemade pita bread (have now decided will sell soul for stand mixer ung fresh bread)

bottom row are some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies we made, but without eggs or milk because we are incapable of ever having a fully stocked chicken. so basically a lot of peanut butter, some actual butter, flour, chocolate chips, baking powder and soda, white and brown sugar, and a splash of half and half because we have that but not milk for whatever reason. They are crumbly but delicious.

also not featured but recently cooked:

pita bread!

corn chowder, which didn’t turn out with the texture I wanted but was still pretty good. I think I added too much cheese and then too much broth again to compensate. 

egg cupcake things, basically eggs and veggies and bacon all put into a cupcake thing and baked, best easy breakfast ever.

sausage fettuccine alfredo. this was so delicious, and not too hard to cut some of the calories from (but not most because it’s alfredo and who the fuck cares) or make, basically just not burning butter and cheese and cream. probably the best thing I’ve made lately.

vegan (ish? I have no idea if protein powder is vegan) banana peanut butter cookies. boyfriend is mildly fitness obsessed so I threw in some chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, a little flour, a banana because of course we didn’t have any eggs, and a little bit of canola oil and they were sticky and awesome.

baked onion rings! I’ve done this twice now lately and they’re delicious and not at all greasy since they’re baked so you can eat a million of them. cut an onion into rings, dump in egg wash, dredge them in seasoned flour, dump in egg wash again, roll around and coat in crushed up potato chips and bake at 425 until they look as crispy as you want them to be. I think next time I’m going to make a sort of egg/beer wash and see how that goes.

sriracha chicken caesar salad- marinaded some chicken in sriracha and garlic salt for a day, cooked it up and tossed it all together. took like 15 minutes and was very tasty.

pork chops in a mustard/curry powder/brown sugar marinade

twice baked potatoes- holy fuck so easy so much cheese so goooooood

gpoy 7:30 am edition
drinking chai and reading a policy debate topic ppt (even though I’m off the circuit this year) as I wait to leave for my 8 am calc class. the only good thing in this situation is the tea.

gpoy 7:30 am edition

drinking chai and reading a policy debate topic ppt (even though I’m off the circuit this year) as I wait to leave for my 8 am calc class. the only good thing in this situation is the tea.


I try to keep my personal life off of the internet for the most part but it’s 4 am and I’m angry so here goes. I’m going to do that annoying thing where I address the entire audience as “you” rather than naming the person this refers to.

1. You don’t get to encourage me to sleep with other people, not be particularly nice to me, etc etc etc, do lots of things that make it ABUNDANTLY clear that we are not together, we are not formally exclusive, and that our relationship is defined by a mutual desire to have sex (which is FINE. that is perfectly acceptable and exactly how I wanted the relationship to be defined) and then get DRUNKRAGE mad when I flirt with a guy in a bar we go to with a group of friends and go all quiet on the western fucking front for a week.

2. Get over yourself.

3. I’m not mad that we’re not talking- that’s fine, I am unattached to this relationship.

4. I’m mad that:

a. you’re being a drama queen b. you didn’t confront me at the time that it began to bother you c. you have not mentioned it to me yet and I got information from a second hand source d. because of the nature of our relationship I had been led to believe you agreed with me on, it’s none of your goddamn business who I flirt with and what I do with them. fuck off. and most importantly D. YOU NEVER INDICATED THAT THIS WAS ANYTHING BUT A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL FWB SITUATION TO YOU. If you have feelings for me, tell me so I can try to avoid hurting them! I may not return them, but communication is key to avoid this sort of situation. but you won’t do that because you’re a child

5. sex and romance are two circles in a venn diagram, not an interlocking chain. I can separate them when the occasion calls for it. Don’t act like/tell me you can if you can’t- it will end poorly for all involved.

I will probably delete this later.


clicking the “submit order” button to buy textbooks is physically paining me. There is absolutely no reason for these books to be this expensive, this is not how supply and demand works. I feel like I should be taking out a loan to pay for books alone. 

also, I move in Thursday and have packed approximately nothing. Rhett, since I know you’ll see this, motivate me to pack tomorrow after we run errands. commence panic in t-minus 2 days.


I spent yesterday wandering with Em. We started in Little 5 and made our merry way to Dr. Bombay’s and eventually spent the night at the No Nukes Y’all Jamboree to stop Plant Vogtle from being built (if you live in Atlanta/Southern Georgia, this is a BIG DEAL and you should learn about it), which was at one of my favorite places in the city and was full of old hippies. Such a delight, such delicious burritos. After dancing in the sand to some crusty folk bands singing about social change, we met up with my favorite ex coworker and went back to Em’s place and proceeded to solve riddles and drink wine for the better part of the 2 hours with her roomate. Finally Em went to sleep but the other 3 of us went to WaHo and talked about international politics until 4am. Pretty much a perfect night.


i just can’t handle how great kanye west is right now

*walks into living room wearing this shirt to ask my mom for a box to finish packing some school stuff into*
mom: “*deep sigh* amanda, you look like a lesbian in that shirt.”
*retreats back to room*

*walks into living room wearing this shirt to ask my mom for a box to finish packing some school stuff into*

mom: “*deep sigh* amanda, you look like a lesbian in that shirt.”

*retreats back to room*


I am not having enough sex

but I saw the dark knight rises in all of its politicized glory 

and I am with my texans and got to sleep late all week

so things are basically tops

another exciting day at the fund.
featured: office sleeping bag, sassy rainbow hot night fish, campaign office map, my heavily lidded self

another exciting day at the fund.

featured: office sleeping bag, sassy rainbow hot night fish, campaign office map, my heavily lidded self



“i’m not homophobic, i just think gay people shouldn’t—”

“i know i’m white, but i don’t see anything wrong with saying nig—”

“you’re so pretty for a dark—”

“yeah i’ll use your preferred pronouns, but you weren’t born a —”

“if women didn’t want sex, why would they—”

Source: ethiopienne

"Pain is important: how we evade it, how we succumb to it, how we deal with it, how we transcend it."

- Audre Lorde (via feverishconsent)

(via ethiopienne)

Source: feverishconsent


I’m working 50-60 hours a week.

I’m hustlin’ hard and making mad money, but this job is terrible for my social life other than my coworkers. They’re all awesome and I love going out with them every night, but I miss my home friends who are now sort of relegated to the weekends. The hours are so funky that really, you can’t hang out with anyone but your work friends during the week. MIXED FEELINGS wooooo.

If I have to have a summer job, at least this is one where I get to be outside getting exercise, love my coworkers, and am working for a cause I genuinely support.

Canvassing introduces you to the best and worst of people, shout out to the old guy who was a complete jerk to me today “just to see if you’d cry”. You are 60 years old, no excuse.

time to crash, walking 10 miles a day talking to strangers really wipes you out.