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"I’ve discovered that rejections are not altogether a bad thing. They teach a writer to rely on his own judgment and to say in his heart of hearts, “To hell with you.”"

- Saul Bellow (via writingquotes)
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"You get through writer’s block the same way you get through a door that’s closed: you open it or tear that fucker off its hinges."

- Chuck Wendig (via writingquotes)
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"Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers, oftentimes brother and sister, and occasionally mortal enemies."

- Terri Guillemets (via writingquotes)
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"The king died and then the queen died is a story. The king died, and then the queen died of grief is a plot."

- E.M. Forster (via writingquotes)
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Gore Vidal, October 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012

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"There are three difficulties in authorship: to write anything worth publishing, to find honest men to publish it - and to get sensible men to read it."

- Charles Caleb Cotton (via writingquotes)
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"The dread of censure is the death of genius."

- William G. Simms (via writingquotes)
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"Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money."


- Moliere (via stoweboyd)

FJP: that’s a lovely bit of cynicism we can get behind.

(via futurejournalismproject)

(via futurejournalismproject)

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"Writing in English is the most ingenious torture ever devised for sins committed in previous lives. The English reading public explains the reason why."

- James Joyce (via writingquotes)
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"Writing appears more forgiving because there is no compiler or interpreter catching your its/it’s issues or reminding you of the rules regarding that or which. Here’s the rub: there is a compiler and it’s fucking brutal. It’s your readers."


With the help of a delightful staff, I made this and now it is available to you! (if you know me irl) Let me know if you want a Lit Mag. It’s the best one we’ve put out in years, gorgeous writing and art.
Cover photo by Luiza

With the help of a delightful staff, I made this and now it is available to you! (if you know me irl) Let me know if you want a Lit Mag. It’s the best one we’ve put out in years, gorgeous writing and art.

Cover photo by Luiza

"I wrote the story myself. It’s about a girl who lost her reputation and never missed it."

- Mae West (via liquidnight)

(via theoccasionalitalic)

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"I wasn’t a week into my job before I, too, had undergone the completely life-changing installation of an irrevocable—and warranted—skepticism of everything I heard or read. So it’s life-ruining, also. Which is why I did something book writers rarely do—which is subject their manuscripts to a Mother Jones-style fact-check—and that they rarely do for really good reason—which is that holy fucking shit is it hard."

- Amid PolitiFact’s “lie of the year” controversy, Mac McClelland gives a shout-out to what it takes to get your facts straight. (via motherjones)
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"I was like, I don’t want to be the secretary, I want to be the boss. I didn’t want to write the kind of story where the man treats the woman like shit for the entire book and in the last chapter he tells her, ‘I treated you like shit because I love you.’ That won’t do for me. Or for a lot of other writers. I started to write the kind of stories that I wanted to read. It was very instinctive. You just wanted the heroines to be a bit feisty."

- Nora Roberts, on why she created feisty heroines in her novels. (via thelibrarianontherun)

(via thelibrarianontherun)

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"I am a fictionalizing philosopher, not a novelist; my novel & story-writing ability is employed as a means to formulate my perception. The core of my writing is not art but truth. Thus what I tell is the truth, yet I can do nothing to alleviate it, either by deed or explanation. Yet this seems somehow to help a certain kind of sensitive troubled person, for whom I speak. I think I understand the common ingredient in those whom my writing helps: they cannot or will not blunt their own intimations about the irrational, mysterious nature of reality, &, for them, my corpus is one long ratiocination regarding this inexplicable reality, an integration & presentation, analysis & response & personal history."

- Philip K. Dick (via solipsist-tashtastic)
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